Natural phenomenas

Hello everyone,

In inquiry we have been doing projects on different natural phenomena.
My project is on Bush fires and I did a art response. I did a before and after of a bush fire. I was proud of how well I drew my picture because I don’t normally draw as good as I did. It would of been better if I added more facts but I think I did well.

This is my art response…Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 3.00.36 PM



Pebble art

In art the seniors students at st Margret Mary’s did rock art. I enjoyed it and it was a very good task. Our art teacher miss maria showed as how to do the task then we went of and did it. It was hard a hard task because we had to stick down pebbles and sticks to make art I made a picture of a park and this is my art.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 12.39.56 PM

Caritas Australia

Hi everyone recently we have been learning about Caritas Australia. We made google slides about Australia and how Caritas helps people in Australia.They mostly help Beswick in the  Northern Territory. You can donate by going to the Caritas website. This is my slide and I did the slide with Nathan and Ethan.

Hands on science

Do you know much about natural disasters? Well today senior B learnt all about natural disasters because we had incursion with a man called Charlie from Hands on science.


First he showed us some pictures of natural disasters like tornados and cyclones. Then we got a bucket of room temperature water and an ice block that had blue food dye in it. Then we put it in the bucket and the food dye was running down from the ice cube and it looked like a tornado smashing down on the ground just like a real tornado. It looked really cool.


We also did an experiment with a spinning wheel where  you had to spin the wheel and put the marble on it. The marble went around in a spiral and make it look like a cyclone. Another experiment we did was when we had a bottle and we shook it and it looked like a tornado.  There were many other experiments that taught us about Earthquakes and landslide.


As you can see it was a big day for us and we learnt lots of interesting things. My favourite thing of all was the ice cube experiment if you were there what was yours?