Rub Rub Roll?


Hello everyone, Yesterday in inquiry we were learning about energy.                     We did an experiment to try and roll a can with a balloon to show positive and negative energy. It was a fun experiment and this is how we did it.Have you done this before. If not look at this clip to see how.

Melbourne City soccer clinic

Hello everybody,

Today in sport Melbourne city soccer clinic came to our school. A women called Mel and a man called Leroy came to teach us how to play. Some people already played so they had harder drills to do but others did what they planed. These are 5 things that  I enjoyed.

  1.  Dribbling
  2.  Passing the ball to a partner
  3.  Juggling but with your feet
  4. Accuracy activities
  5. And we played a match and my team won 4-2

Cheek out this website to see what they have done.                                               

By for now



Recently in literacy we have been doing literacy circles.  In literacy circles you get a book to read as a group. Once some of the book has been read you discuss what you have read with your group. Every group in the last few days has designed a rubric and given out roles for each team member to do after we read our our part in our book.

The book I´m reading is Matilda and the people in my group are Dominic, Norbu, Jasmeen, Jenny and Chesca.

This is the cover of the book I´m reading click on roalddahl to see.

Have you ever read Matilda before?

Bye for now,