Let’s Investigate

Hello everyone,


In inquiry we have been making science videos. We made these videos to put on the sleek geek website but unfortunately we were too late to put it in.  


The people in my group were Tess, Gautier and Me (Noah). We investigated why do our tongues stick to cold objects and it was a hard to research about it.


Something that I was proud of is that I worked well with my group and that our information and video was great. In the end we got a 14 ½ out of 20 and we were one of the only groups that got a score that high. We did lots of waiting and it was a long process but we got good result and that all that matters, having a good video and result.


I think if we could do something better it would have been redoing the sound because their were some bits that were a bit too soft and some was a bit too loud so I think we should focus on the sound a bit more next time.


We got feedback from the teachers and another group and they both said you should have better sound and I agreed on that. One good thing from the feedback was that we used our props really well and that we had a great script.


Here is my video:


I think I did really well what do you think about it (comment bellow)


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Cross Multiplying

Hello everyone,

In maths we have been doing cross multiplying. It is a strategy for when your compering fractions.

There is 3 steps to this strategy:

  1. Times the top number of the first fraction to the bottom number of the second fraction and put the number next to the first number.
  2. Times the top number of the second fraction to the bottom number of the first fraction and put the number next to the second number.
  3. Compare the numbers and then you will have the biggest fraction.

This is the video that taught us:


Have you ever used this strategy before?

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In Italian we have been working on projects with a partner. It was cool that we could work on something that we were comfortable with. The most difficult thing was doing research on the tickets to the soccer. Our theme was Juventus vs ac milan. I used my time well because I finished a video and a slide.

This is me and Alis slide and video (video link is in slide):


Hello everyone,

In art this term we made decorative ceramic tiles. It was a fun activity because we where learning while having fun. I enjoyed when we got to draw the picture because we got to draw what ever we wanted.

We had to do three steps to do our tile.

  1. Fill our tile with different color sharpies
  2. Put the paint diluter on the colored sharpies
  3. Draw our pictures using a black Sharpie

This is mine:File_000

Have you ever done this before?

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Problem Solving

Hello everybody,

In Maths we have been doing some problem solving. We have some sheets that has the problems and then we have to work it out. Lots of them are challenging and my achievement was doing really hard ones.

1 big thing I learnt is:

  1. It is normally easier when you have workings out

They are really good tasks and they make you work and think.

This is my favorite one:


Have you ever done problem solving before? Comment on my blog.k9wUOA_Blog

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