Parade college!

Hi guys,

On the 22/7/16 the grade 5 boys at st Margaret Mary´s went to Parade college to see how it is like in year 7. It was really fun and the subjects we got to do were Sport (soccer), Woodwork, library  and Science.

I really liked the way Parade was set out and it was a really good school.

This is parades logo:

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Hey guys,

For our school dance, senior B are doing Bollywood dancing. As two classes, Senior B and Senior R  practiced together and it was really funny. I tried really hard and it worked out superior. But with a bit more practice it will be perfect.

In Bollywood there were some really weird dances but we will get used to them.

This is a picture of me doing Bollywood:






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Hello everyone,

Welcome back, today I will be talking about goals this term.

I am determined to do these 2 goals, one of them is on learning in class and the other is my class behavior.

1.In writing, Think about the word and how it is spelt so I don’t spell the word wrong. (Learning)

Things I am going to do to achieve these things are

1.Think about what I am writing, look in the dictionary and have special spelling patterns for when I get stuck.

2.Put my hand up and don’t call out as much (Class Behavior)

2.Only say something if the teacher says I can speak when my hand is up and look and listen when other people are talking.

By for now

-Noah  😁😜😆😋