Book week

Hello everybody,

Today st Margaret Mary’s celebrated book week. It was really fun and we did lots of activities on books. The main activity was to build a kite because on of the nominated books for book week was Ollie and the wind and it has a kite in it.

If you don’t know what book week is it when you get dressed up as a character from a book and celebrate nominated and excellent books.

This year I dressed as Mr.Bump from the Mr. Men series and My friends Alessandro and Dominic came as  Mr. Clumsy and Mr. Tickle. This is some pictures of us:

File_000 (4)File_000 (5)





File_000 (2)

In the middle block we did a “bookface” activity. This is were we had to use our book and body to make a good picture.

It was an awesome day and I loved it I wish we could do the day again.

Have you done book week before if you did what did you dress up as?

Shout outs!:

I give a big shout out to my mum for making an awesome costume and spending heaps of time on it. Thanks mum

Another shout out is to my friends Alessandro,Dominic and Will for telling me about the Mr. Men idea

And finally to Will because he broke his leg and couldn’t be here today and I hope he gets well soon.

See you soon





Migration-Over the seas for a home

Hello everybody,


In Inquiry we have been learning about migration. The seniors then had to interview someone in their family who had migrated to Australia then bring the information in.


The person who I interviewed was my aunt Janie.


3 interesting facts were:

  1. My aunts mum got blackmailed by her own mum saying “If you don’t leave one of the kids I will die.” and they left one behind
  2. On the boat there was a fire and my grandma, my aunts sister, got lost and it took an hour to find her.
  3. Most of the English people teased my aunt because her accent


It was a really interacting and we made a power point about it.


Here is my power point:

And here is the ship my aunt went on:

Have you migrated?

By for now