Migration over the seas

Hello everyone,

In inquiry in the last few weeks we have been working hard on a big project about migration. We have been researching facts about lots of different areas of migration, I did my research on refugees and asylum seekers. For my investigation I made a Venn-Diagram, Historical narrative and a piece of art. It was a pretty difficult task but I did it and I feel very grateful that I finished!

The most important thing that I learnt is that we should take more care of the refugees and not put them in a detention center when they come here. I most enjoyed making my painting because I was learning about refugees while doing something I loved. It was hard when my painting ripped and I had to do it again but I still finished.

I have put all my work onto these slide below:

What do you think of my project, comment below.

Bye for now





Art – Clay

Hello everyone,

In art we have been learning to make clay bowls. It was a really good experience for everyone. The person that taught us how to make the clay bowls was a very intelligent lady called Ch`ristina. Some people where unlucky and theirs broke.

It was a lot of fun doing the clay bowls and I wish we could do it again. I hope you like my bowls.

This is a picture of my bowls:

Have you made a clay bowl before?

See you soon



Hello everyone,

In the past 2 weeks we have been working on the book “FOX” by Margret Wild and Ron Brooks. Some of the things we investigated about the book was: Character traits, main themes, poems and a lot more.

Take a look at my slides and tell me what you think:

Have you read fox before?

Comment bellow

By for now



Hello everybody,

In the recent weeks we have been making and writing poems. Today I am going to show you how to write my favorite type of poetry a cinquain.

In a limerick you have 5 rows in steps I will teach you how to make a cinquain in 5 steps.

  1. Write your word
  2. Write two adjectives for your word
  3. Write 3 verbs for your your word
  4. Write 4 word in a phrase or 4 felling words
  5. Another word for for your word

This is my Usain Bolt cinquain:

It is a fun poem to do

Have you done a cinquain before?

By for now