Migration over the seas

Hello everyone,

In inquiry in the last few weeks we have been working hard on a big project about migration. We have been researching facts about lots of different areas of migration, I did my research on refugees and asylum seekers. For my investigation I made a Venn-Diagram, Historical narrative and a piece of art. It was a pretty difficult task but I did it and I feel very grateful that I finished!

The most important thing that I learnt is that we should take more care of the refugees and not put them in a detention center when they come here. I most enjoyed making my painting because I was learning about refugees while doing something I loved. It was hard when my painting ripped and I had to do it again but I still finished.

I have put all my work onto these slide below:

What do you think of my project, comment below.

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  1. Looking at your art piece for the dessert it reminded me of how far you have come since the art piece you created for your term one investigation on natural disasters! Well done Noah!

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