Literature circles

This term we have been assigned new literature circle tasks and groups. This term we have a meeting with our group to discuss our book but this time we don’t do a task we bring two posted notes about our book. My book is someone like me and from the cover I thought it would be really bad but it is alright. In my group there is 5 people, Me (Noah), William, Namgyal, Alice and Gwenyth.

I think our first discussion went well and so far the book is good.

This is the cover of my book:

Image result for someone like me book

Do you think it looks good?

Have you read this book before?

Comment below

Plus I will be doing a blog post in Japan

So keep on reading

– Noah  

5 thoughts on “Literature circles”

  1. Hi Noah,
    I think the book looks very awesome and interesting to read. No I have never read this book but I would like to read it.

    What is the book about?

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