Crazy art 2

This week we made the ball baubles. They turned out really cool. I finished mine and it was all colorful. The main point was to zoom in on a  part of the Christmas tree and put the baubles on it. I was really happy with my piece and I think that one of the other classes should do it next year.

This is my art work:


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Crazy art

Hello everybody,

In art this week we started our Christmas ball balls. We first did blow painting on our main page and in made me really dizzy. Than we painted cool patterns on 3 pieces of paper for next week when we put our ball balls on our main piece of paper I think it will be really cool.

We are not making 3D ball balls.

This is where we are up to:



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Hello everyone,

In the last 2 weeks I was in Japan! It was a really good experience and I liked the county a lot. We did lots of different things there and it is different. The food is less filling and their traditions are very different like the halloween everyone dresses up. The rules there are weird too.

These are the best 10 things I did in Japan (not in order)

1.Go to the cup noodle factory and we made our own noodles! Then we went to the amusement park went on a double splash mountain.

2.Go to Yoyogi park and play soccer with some friends we made then see a guy that could blow balloons we couldn’t blow with his nose after we saw him at the end of Yoyogi park we saw these hip hop guys then we went back to see the   mum´s.

3.Go to Disneyland but the unfortunate thing is that it rained but we still had a good time.

4.We went to Nara to feed the deer and the deer were really greedy.

5.Buy my new boots from soccer shop kamo (I think this is the best soccer store I have seen.

6.Go to the BBQ grill and karaoke we had a really fun time there.

7.We went to Hiroshima and went to the atomic bomb dome and too the museum the effects of an atomic bomb are really bad and scary.

8.We went to lots of temples and shrines and after a while I got tired of them.

  1. Play soccer with a boy when we went to Gion

10.We went to lots of temples and shrines and after a while I got tired of them.

We had a great time in Japan and I would like to go again.

We had a great time in Japan and I would like to go again.

This is the Japan flag:

Image result for japan flag gif

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Inter-school sports

Hello everyone,

Today we had inter-school sports and I am in the soccer group. We played 3 games and we won 2 and lost 1. Our first match we lost 4-1 against St. Josephs then after that game we won 4-1 against Brunswick south west! After that win we had a 6-3 win against Brunswick south and I think we had a pretty successful day.

Image result for person scoring a goal gif

We scored some good goals and we did well.

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