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Hello everyone,

What a year 2016 has been now as we are wrapping up the year this is my last post. Going into seniors was a big step. Now as we finish the year this is the key moments of this massive year.

A year of success and this is something successful I did in my learning this year. I think something big I was successful on this year was my natural phenomena project. I did a lot of research and I think I did really well in the project. I did the affects of a bush fire and I got pretty good marks.

This is a challenge this year. A challenge I had was doing my migration project I didn’t get anyone in my family until the last day we had to put it in. I ended up doing my aunt and it turned out to be really good it was a challenge to do it in time but I think I did really well in the end.

I had lots of awesome moments this year here are some of them. I did the Melbourne city soccer clinic even though I don’t go for city it was still a great experience. I liked when we went to the migration museum and went to the sandridge bridge then ate lunch in the city. Book week was really fun, me and my friends dressed up as and we had a great day. Our trip to the zoo was pretty fun and researching into the animals was awesome. Our school dance was good and it was good to learn different types of dances.  A big moment was when we got our buddies at the start of the year and working with them through out the year.

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All together it was a fun year that is wrapping up, and the journey for next year is about to begin.

Bye for the year.


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