Crazy art

Hello everybody,

In art this week we started our Christmas ball balls. We first did blow painting on our main page and in made me really dizzy. Than we painted cool patterns on 3 pieces of paper for next week when we put our ball balls on our main piece of paper I think it will be really cool.

We are not making 3D ball balls.

This is where we are up to:



Have you done this before?

Comment below

By for now


Art – Clay

Hello everyone,

In art we have been learning to make clay bowls. It was a really good experience for everyone. The person that taught us how to make the clay bowls was a very intelligent lady called Ch`ristina. Some people where unlucky and theirs broke.

It was a lot of fun doing the clay bowls and I wish we could do it again. I hope you like my bowls.

This is a picture of my bowls:

Have you made a clay bowl before?

See you soon


Pebble art

In art the seniors students at st Margret Mary’s did rock art. I enjoyed it and it was a very good task. Our art teacher miss maria showed as how to do the task then we went of and did it. It was hard a hard task because we had to stick down pebbles and sticks to make art I made a picture of a park and this is my art.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 12.39.56 PM