Migration over the seas

Hello everyone,

In inquiry in the last few weeks we have been working hard on a big project about migration. We have been researching facts about lots of different areas of migration, I did my research on refugees and asylum seekers. For my investigation I made a Venn-Diagram, Historical narrative and a piece of art. It was a pretty difficult task but I did it and I feel very grateful that I finished!

The most important thing that I learnt is that we should take more care of the refugees and not put them in a detention center when they come here. I most enjoyed making my painting because I was learning about refugees while doing something I loved. It was hard when my painting ripped and I had to do it again but I still finished.

I have put all my work onto these slide below:

What do you think of my project, comment below.

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Migration-Over the seas for a home

Hello everybody,


In Inquiry we have been learning about migration. The seniors then had to interview someone in their family who had migrated to Australia then bring the information in.


The person who I interviewed was my aunt Janie.


3 interesting facts were:

  1. My aunts mum got blackmailed by her own mum saying “If you don’t leave one of the kids I will die.” and they left one behind
  2. On the boat there was a fire and my grandma, my aunts sister, got lost and it took an hour to find her.
  3. Most of the English people teased my aunt because her accent


It was a really interacting and we made a power point about it.


Here is my power point:

And here is the ship my aunt went on:

Have you migrated?

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Let’s Investigate

Hello everyone,


In inquiry we have been making science videos. We made these videos to put on the sleek geek website but unfortunately we were too late to put it in.  


The people in my group were Tess, Gautier and Me (Noah). We investigated why do our tongues stick to cold objects and it was a hard to research about it.


Something that I was proud of is that I worked well with my group and that our information and video was great. In the end we got a 14 ½ out of 20 and we were one of the only groups that got a score that high. We did lots of waiting and it was a long process but we got good result and that all that matters, having a good video and result.


I think if we could do something better it would have been redoing the sound because their were some bits that were a bit too soft and some was a bit too loud so I think we should focus on the sound a bit more next time.


We got feedback from the teachers and another group and they both said you should have better sound and I agreed on that. One good thing from the feedback was that we used our props really well and that we had a great script.


Here is my video:


I think I did really well what do you think about it (comment bellow)


Hope you enjoyed my post

By for now

-Noah 🙋😀😉


Natural phenomenas

Hello everyone,

In inquiry we have been doing projects on different natural phenomena.
My project is on Bush fires and I did a art response. I did a before and after of a bush fire. I was proud of how well I drew my picture because I don’t normally draw as good as I did. It would of been better if I added more facts but I think I did well.

This is my art response…Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 3.00.36 PM



Hands on science

Do you know much about natural disasters? Well today senior B learnt all about natural disasters because we had incursion with a man called Charlie from Hands on science.


First he showed us some pictures of natural disasters like tornados and cyclones. Then we got a bucket of room temperature water and an ice block that had blue food dye in it. Then we put it in the bucket and the food dye was running down from the ice cube and it looked like a tornado smashing down on the ground just like a real tornado. It looked really cool.


We also did an experiment with a spinning wheel where  you had to spin the wheel and put the marble on it. The marble went around in a spiral and make it look like a cyclone. Another experiment we did was when we had a bottle and we shook it and it looked like a tornado.  There were many other experiments that taught us about Earthquakes and landslide.


As you can see it was a big day for us and we learnt lots of interesting things. My favourite thing of all was the ice cube experiment if you were there what was yours?