Hello everyone,

Welcome back, today I will be talking about goals this term.

I am determined to do these 2 goals, one of them is on learning in class and the other is my class behavior.

1.In writing, Think about the word and how it is spelt so I don’t spell the word wrong. (Learning)

Things I am going to do to achieve these things are

1.Think about what I am writing, look in the dictionary and have special spelling patterns for when I get stuck.

2.Put my hand up and don’t call out as much (Class Behavior)

2.Only say something if the teacher says I can speak when my hand is up and look and listen when other people are talking.

By for now

-Noah  😁😜😆😋

Something I am working on…

Hello everybody, 

This week on my blog I am talking about goals to achieve at school. My goal is to always have positive attitude no matter what I am doing. That means 3 things.

  1. To not complain about what I do
  2. Never give up
  3. Always have a good attitude

If I do all these things I will be able to do everything and I will accomplish everything!

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