Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello everyone,

In literacy matrix we made a camera shots and angle slide.

It has lots of angles and shots you can take. It taught  me lots of shots and angles and it was a great task. We did this because we a making a movie and this will help us it was really good and I learnt a lot.

This is my slides:

Have you ever shot a movie before comment bellow.

By for now



Recently in literacy we have been doing literacy circles.  In literacy circles you get a book to read as a group. Once some of the book has been read you discuss what you have read with your group. Every group in the last few days has designed a rubric and given out roles for each team member to do after we read our our part in our book.

The book I´m reading is Matilda and the people in my group are Dominic, Norbu, Jasmeen, Jenny and Chesca.

This is the cover of the book I´m reading click on roalddahl to see.

Have you ever read Matilda before?

Bye for now,