Cross country

Hello everyone

On Wednesday I was successful because I  made it into cross country! It was a big   achievement for me because now I have made it two years in a row. I was surprised that I came 5th because that was the position I made last year.

This is a picture of me when I was 4thIMG_3244

Have you ever done cross country before?

Comment bellow.

Bye for now. -Noah

Melbourne City soccer clinic

Hello everybody,

Today in sport Melbourne city soccer clinic came to our school. A women called Mel and a man called Leroy came to teach us how to play. Some people already played so they had harder drills to do but others did what they planed. These are 5 things that  I enjoyed.

  1.  Dribbling
  2.  Passing the ball to a partner
  3.  Juggling but with your feet
  4. Accuracy activities
  5. And we played a match and my team won 4-2

Cheek out this website to see what they have done.                                               

By for now